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I approached Mr. Rao for queries about the ancestral property dispute and distribution. Though I have gone through google and other advice but was confused a lot to convey the same to my brothers and sisters. We collectively approached Mr. Rao for the best approach. Mr. Rao suggested the best possible legal shares and distribution of property. The surprising part was that we all agreed and distributed the property without getting into litigation. I can say that Mr. G.M.Rao is one of the best property legal advisors in Hyderabad. Thank you Mr. Rao.


Battle for the Child Custody would be emotional and uncertain. I was just suffering from depression only about thinking that my child custody will go away. I spent sleepless nights and approached known lawyers but I did not get convinced with their advice. Finally, one of my colleagues suggested approaching Mr. Rao for Child Custody.  After filling the form and leaving a reminder SMS about three times.  I got an appointment with Mr. Rao sir. He is very professional and spiritual. After approaching Rao Sir, it is not just me but my entire family who got relaxed and finally, I can sleep peacefully without further thought battle. This review is not just from my side by from who family and for sure we say Mr. Rao sir is one of the Best Child Custody Lawyers in Hyderabad. His depth of knowledge in Child Custody is vast and most impressive is his patience and his approach to looking at the problem. I would recommend everyone for the child custody-related legal issues.


From beginning to end of the legal process, Rao sir was professional, reliable, and moral. throughout the entire process and gave advice that gave us the best possible outcome. He was supportive all the time in my best interest regarding my case and making decisions. I would highly recommend his legal services for NRIs. He is one of the Best NRI lawyers Hyderabad.


G.M.Rao has been nothing but an excellent lawyer, Moral and Spiritual Guide who made me and my family stand firm in a difficult situation by motivating us, filling hope to live our lives after been badly insulted and defamed for nothing.  He has helped my family and me through what has been one of our toughest trials yet. When my family was facing a false case made by the spouse with heinous allegations, I did not know what to do, being from a reputed family and having no experience of such a situation in our life. It was tough to find a good lawyer was difficult, I felt that most of them are commercial and looking for making money out of my situation.  I was being misguided told that my case is complicated. But I was blessed to have found Mr. G.M.Rao  to represent us. He was an understanding, experience, and devoted to what he did. And he brought back hope after just the first day of meeting with him, he filled great energy in our lives. Now my family has put this situation behind us and that is all thanks to Mr. Rao. As gratitude what  I can do now is to recommend him to all of you that are in a tough spot and need that guidance on what steps to take next. This man will be there every step of the way to walk you through it all. He has made this experience worth our time, our money, and our trust. I rate him beyond 5 stars


Mr. Rao has provided legal counsel to our non-profit organization that has definitely gone “above and beyond” He has become more than our lawyer, spiritual guru, guide, and a trusted legal advisor.


I appointed Mr. Rao to deal with my sisters’ child custody matter in Ranga Reddy Court. He is highly professional, knowledgeable, and guided up properly setting up our expectations.  He proved to be the best child custody lawyer. I highly recommend his services to everyone.


Property disputes between brothers and sisters were frustrating and unresolved. We consulted Mr. Rao for our property dispute. His out of box thinking made an out-of-court settlement amicably without any hurdles and to our surprise, everyone agreed with his suggestion. I believe it is not something one can learn but Mr. Rao has a built-in capability of out-of-box thinking which makes him unique in his profession.  He is one of the best property lawyers who solved our long-pending issue. I recommend his services and legal consultation on property disputes.


No words to say about his commitment towards the clients and the assigned case. Mr. Rao’s commitment in our case was appreciatable and amazing. He went beyond our expectations. Thank you, Mr. Rao.


A false criminal case on an innocent person will leave him with high mental agony. Some people would like to exploit this situation and make money out of it but Mr. Rao is different and guided us in such a way that we forgot about our mental agony.  He is a mental healer and spiritual guide apart from this professional lawyer. We rate him as the best criminal defense lawyer.


We engaged Mr. Rao for the Restitution of Conjugal rights. He just not only represented us but he put his skills and best efforts to ensure that the couple lives together.  In most cases, though someone gets the order of Restitution, the other party may not obey, but in our case, at the stage of mediation by the family court, Mr. Rao ensured to make them understand their problems and reunited the couple. Hats off Mr. Rao for your help.

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