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  1. The teacher explains very well(Where to look, how to exploit, and why this happens). This course saved my life:)
  2. Thank you so much. This course has helped me understand windows privilege-based escalation, and I just wanted to say you rock. Thank you so much, Pawan, Sir.
  3. Fantastic. Straight to the point. No padding is needed. Very worthwhile
  4. They provide a real solid class that focuses on ethical hacking and cybersecurity. I enjoy the PDF slides that go along with style. Looking forward to the Linux version of the course.
  5. Great course obvious and practical examples step by step
  6. I learned a lot from this and the Linux courses. Great for anybody who is doing the (CPENT). 🙂
  7. Absolutely no fluff — each lecture tells you a quick overview of what the vulnerability is, and then the instructor SHOWS you how it’s done. The “how” of each exploit isn’t super deep but good enough to get your feet wet.
  8. It is an excellent course that helps drive home the concepts on Windows.
  9. A pretty good TLDR or windows privilege escalations for an OSCP style exam
  10. This course and the CCNA are the best IT courses I have ever undertaken, bar none. There is so much information, clearly and methodically delivered here. It is honestly staggering.
  11. This course is entirely fat-free. There is zero waffle and padding. One 16 minute video has taken me the entire week (of a couple of hours each weekday before work) to get through properly by watching the video, doing the practical, and taking notes to add to the .pdf.
  12. I really hope Essential Infosec considers doing more ethical hacking series’. I would particularly love to see more little specific and focussed tutorials on things like SQL injection or others.
  13. I say all this as someone who was a teacher for 17 years before moving into cybersecurity. This is the best teaching material I have ever seen.
  14. Fantastic course with SO much information! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this course!
  15. I am preparing for the CCNP exam, and I would like to recommend this course to everyone. The author made the concept very clear in just a few weeks. Obvious and good refresher pointers for (VAPT) students
  16. Great course for Windows Privilege escalation. It covers a lot of topics. The instructor explains the concepts very clear. The resource and the material are fantastic!! Thanks, Essential Infosec.
  17. Excellent content with good examples, overall a great course, thank you! For feedback, I think the slides could be a little more appealing, and it’s also hard to focus if they are just read
  18. Amazing course! I would highly recommend it. I am a heavy Linux user, so it was great to get a little deeper with Windows.
  19. Great course, Now I’m confident that I can go for CEH! You can see that the instructor is a professional. Highly recommended!!
  20. I’ve been looking for a good tutorial on Windows prices for a while. The methods are delivered in a clear and easy-to-understand way. I can’t wait to try these methods out in some other environments.
  21. This course has the perfect mix of technique and background context. There is a lot to digest. Some of the techniques will require practice and further digging, but I could put this content to use within the first day.
  22. This course is laid out nicely and simply. I was tipped off about this course from somewhere on YouTube. Glad I took heed.
  23. The good: I strongly suggest this course. It covers the basics of Windows privilege escalation neatly, concisely, and in an easily understood way. The price is more than reasonable for the content, and the author is friendly and seems to respond to concerns from students.
  24. The solid and clear structure of the course makes it so easy to learn you’ll be escalating your privileges before you know what’s happening.
  25. This course focuses on the meat of privilege escalation; if you are at the stage of being a very early beginner (unfamiliar with networking, common tools, not entirely comfortable with the command line, etc.), this course can still work for you. Still, you would likely need to pause and take the time to learn these things as and when required.
  26. Thanks to the logical structure of the course and subject matter. It was readily apparent, and this aided in my understanding of the topic
  27. You should be very proud of your work here, and thank you for making it such good value for money.
  28. Excellent content to learn about windows privesc for ethical hacking & Beyond !!!
  29. Excellent pacing and content. Good overview of local privilege escalation for a windows host.
  30. Absolute legend of a man!!! The course has helped me massively with my CEH journey. All I can say is buy this course & the Linux course!!


 It was a very good workshop on ethical hacking. It was informative and we learnt a lot of things about exploitation. Thanks to Sir.


I would like to say that I was very content with the course. I especially appreciate all the session notes, session videos and extra links provided by the tutors. A special thanks to Sir Sonu Mandal, for being my guide always and making the concepts clear.


It was precise and easy to learn, one can understand the way you guys teach in Real Time Scenarios. I learned a lot of new stuffs. I’d recommend EIS to every fresher in the field of IT Security Industry. The Trainer was great and its worth to join Essential Infosec.


EIS is one of the best institutes all over INDIA. This is literally so good. Their teaching skills, communication skills, infrastructure are really good.


The trainers are very knowledgeable and the teaching methods are very good.  Shikhar sir clears all the doubts of the students very well. It is a great experience for me to learn several things about ethical hacking from this online training in VAPT.


I got training from Essential Infosec in online mode. Vishal sir was very good, interactive, very innovative towards his classes.


 Sonu Mandal sir has guided me for VAPT training. He was very helpful and supported me for further Process. I strongly recommend Essential Infosec Pvt. Ltd.


The training was very good. Many of my concepts are cleared now. I got in-depth knowledge about various exploits.


The demo class was very good. It convinced us, why should we learn this and what will the course outcome.


The training was very enlightening. It taught us latest methods to secure any website/application.


The course was very instructional. I appreciate all the query resolving sessions and study materials provided by the tutors.


A special thanks to Sir Vishal Jain, for being my guide always and making the concepts clear. It was precise and easy to learn, one can understand the way you guys teach in Real Time Scenarios.


I received a lot of help to build my project on finding PayPal vulnerabilities and gained tons of real-world experience.


I was a student of EIS particularly in 2020. I recommend  taking admission and its worth the money
They are very TRUSTWORTHY.


This is a useful course for everyone who doesn’t know what hacking is. They beautifully demonstrating how to do basic works and how safe we should have to be in future for protecting our data.


The staff here is extremely cooperative and the way they taught the courses were very lucid. I would definitely recommend this place to all the students aiming to succeed in life.


The demo class was simply amazing! Can’t wait for doing this myself. The training modules and method was made very clear and outline of the course was describes which was very helpful.


The training was very effective and helpful. I am thankful to Shikhar sir for riding me all the way during the session days. The Institute is highly recommended for the professional and personal learning.


Teaching style is very good. And my mentor Sonu sir was friendly and professional. Overall I think it is the best institute in this field.


EIS is one of the best institutes in Delhi, I have learned basic ethical hacking, which has helped me a lot. Not to say that Shikhar sir taught me in such a simple way, Thank You Essential Infosec.

21. I liked it when our organizer hacked his own webcam and we could see him very clearly. That is really cool about hacking and we learned various other types of real-world hacking.

22. EIS is one of the best institutes for Cyber Security training in India. They are very professional and provide good, informative and absolutely cost worthy training. Especially Sonu sir was very helpful kind.


An excellent place to learn and establish new skills. And also, great guidance from Vishal sir. We are thankful to the whole team of Essential Infosec.


It was a good experience learning the basics of hacking. The teachers are very skilled.


I have done training of Web penetration testing. Teachers were very good at solving doubts and they are able to effectively communicate the concepts in my opinion.


Trainers are always available for their students even late night. Thank You EIS.


Essential InfoSec is a best place to learn cyber security. Training method and friendly environment.


Mr. Pawan’s nature is very friendly which provide ease to ask any query related to our training.


Simple to ask any query related to your course and trainers answer all the queries in a professional way.


Awsome Company for becoming certified ethical hacker (CEH) at a very low cost.It is the only place in Delhi India where you directly taught by the director of the Company.


EIS is the best institute in Delhi for those who want to make career in cyber security. Here trainers are student friendly and help us every time.

  1. Very pleased with the setup of the ethical hacking course. The information was presented in a professional matter.
  2. Our instructor Pawan Shrivastava was very knowledgeable and kept the class involved. The handouts were very user-friendly and easy to read.
  3. I really enjoyed the instructor, very concise and knowledgeable, and he had a great personality which really helped digest all the class material.
  4. All-round awesome. Very knowledgeable on subjects. Effective use of personal experience and humor. Pawan Sir is God’s gift to Learning Tree.
  5. The trainers in Essential Infosec did a great job explaining all the terminology! Overall, it was an excellent experience.
  6. Most of the content was new to me, but the instructor did an excellent job putting it in context.
  7. I feel very confident about taking the exam next week. The course ethical hacking filled a lot of areas I had trouble with previously.
  8. I thought the course went over many good points and provided an excellent high level of understanding of the material.
  9. I recommend the course etical hacking from Essential Infosec is the best in Delhi.
  10. The course was excellent in Essential Infosec. It was well prepared for the SY0-401 exam objectives.
  11. The course is exciting and simplified. Very helpful. Thank you, Pawan Sir, thank you, trainers.
  12. Appreciate the quality of the learning material of Essential Infosec in Delhi.
  13. My experience in dealing with the support team has been excellent. All-in-all, I feel Essential Infosec is real value for money for professional IT education. Thank you!
  14. Essential Infosec justifies their name “Think, Learn, and Grow” as they provide you with the right amount of study material with ample time and focus.
  15. The content is so good that you can understand the subject and can sail through the examination confidently.
  16. Very supportive, very helpful. Thank you, Essential Infosec.
  17. It is the most simplified online training I’ve joined.
  18. Thank you Essential Infosec team, for giving the right direction to my career.
  19. It is the best tech-related course I’ve taken, and I have taken quite a few. Having limited networking experience and absolutely no experience with hacking or ethical hacking, I’ve learned, practiced, and understood how to perform hacks in just a few days.
  20. Yes, I would wholeheartedly recommend Essential Infosec for the ethical hacking course in Delhi to anyone who wishes to enhance their career.
  21. I recommend this institute for anyone looking to learn ethical hacking training in Delhi.
  22. It is the best institute for ethical hacking. The trainers are the best in the industory.
  23. I strongly recommend Essential Infosec for ethical hacking. Our trainers frequently use real-life scenarios that help bridge the gap between theory and practice in real-time.
  24. I have done my ethical hacking course from Essential Infosec. Here teachers are very supportive and very helpful.
  25. the teachers have an excellent command of their modules. The classroom is elegant and clean. Soundproof, well furnished, and fully AC. I recommend those who want to learn any professional computer course come and join Essential Infosec
  26. It is really amazing how they can help us develop ethical hacking skills and offensive security skills. They are a pleasure to work with at the Essential Infosec Institute.
  27. I am pleased with my decision to admission to the ethical hacking and cybersecurity course in Essential Infosec. It is the friendliest and most helpful kind of all teachers and the unlimited opportunities they offer us. It is truly a fantastic experience.
  28. I really had a great time in the ethical hacking class. I’ve had the privilege of meeting a very inspiring personality.
  29. It was beneficial and motivating. I learned the basics and career opportunities in ethical hacking.
  30. The Ethical hacking course at Essential Infosec Institute has provided me with the best knowledge of Ethical Hacking world through the people I studied with and the people I m working with.

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  1. EIS is one of the best institutes all over INDIA. This is literally so good. Their teaching skills, communication skills, infrastructure are really good.

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