Sign Up and Get Paid Instantly | Very Simple Task | Instant Approval – SWB2

  1. Go to Google and Search Govtjobspedia and Go to the Site with Title: “Govtjobspedia – Get Latest Government Jobs | Sarkari Result”
  2. Open “What is SimilarWeb” Post and Read It.
  3. Click on “SimilarWeb” Banner Inside Post and Register in that Site With Your Email and Verify.

Steps to Complete The Task:

=>Only use your Gmail or BUSINESS email. Don’t use normal email or LinkedIn.
If you don’t have a business email, Click on “Google” button at the bottom of the page to Signup with your Google Account: https://prnt.sc/12edi1x

=>If you have Signed Up with your Google Account, Click “Skip” where it asks for “Business Email”: https://prnt.sc/12edkhp
When it asks for a website, type in some small Words and select a small website. Don’t use large websites like Google or Facebook. You can also use your own website.

=>Submit the profile details to Complete the Signup: https://prnt.sc/12ef1ph

=>Click “Let The Insights Begin” button

=>Select your Country and click the “Continue”

=>From the Website, Click on Settings, Then Click on Account: https://prnt.sc/12efyz0

=>Then Click on Subscription Information and Take a Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/12eg7du

=>From the Website, Click on Dashboard, then Select any Dashboard Template: https://prnt.sc/16vvd0l

=>Add any 2 Websites and Create Dashboard: https://prnt.sc/16vvmuz

=>Then Take a Screenshot of the Analysis: https://prnt.sc/16vvuqf

Required Proofs to Submit:

  1. Screenshot of SimilarWeb Welcome Email (Must show Email and Date): https://prnt.sc/1b5fb6g
  2. Screenshot of Subscription Information: https://prnt.sc/12eg7du
  3. Screenshot of the Analysis: https://prnt.sc/16vvuqf

Note: Add these Three Screenshots in One Photo And Submit.

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