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Shareasale Review 2021: Why This Online Marketing Platform Is The Best Fit For You

Shareasale Review 2021: ShareASale is retail focused performance marketing network, enabling users to tap into a wider consumer base without additional overhead costs. It is a cost effective solution that extends the reach of its user’s brand by improving a commission based sales force online.

ShareASale’s History

Established in 2003, ShareASale was one of the earliest and quickest adopters of Google Adwords and the main reason why others have invested time and money in Adwords to date. Over the years, the platform has grown from an initial 6,000 advertisers to 15,000 and many industry leaders have used ShareASale to optimize their PPC marketing campaigns. First in Platform Today, shareasale remains the largest platform focused on the retail sector. The company primarily targets millennials who are heavily dependent on internet based services. “So many of our brands have seen their KPIs increase, improve sales results and boost brand awareness as a result of our platform.

What is ShareASale?

ShareASale is an online marketing platform that helps businesses to reach an independent consumer audience that is not accessible through any other platform. The company goes one step ahead and extends the reach of its users by facilitating the ability for its customers to make and receive online payments in the most preferred and fastest way. ShareASale offers amazing margins with which its users can sell their products in a number of online channels such as, Facebook, eBay, and Amazon. It is the best platform for both, local and international businesses to make their products reach a mass audience without the cost and overhead of hiring salespeople. In simple words, ShareASale is one of the most cost effective and innovative online marketing companies in the world.

How To set up an account with ShareASale

Here is a brief guide on how to set up an account with ShareASale. Log into your account. Register for a free share asale account. You can use any payment option and view the platform’s terms and conditions on the platform. It is one of the most flexible and comprehensive paid platforms that empower customers with great quality offers and cut down a number of marketing costs. All you need is a few steps, a strategy and a sales skill. Paid Platforms Vs Free Platforms If you’re wondering why you have to pay to get to know a given platform, allow me to share with you some information. First of all, paying a fee means that the company and its creators actually trust your opinion. It is an investment in your patronage, and you must give a legitimate reason for your choice.

Why Choose ShareASale?

1. Hassle-free Creation Of Online Presence If you are looking to expand your customer base, then shareASale is a free and affordable platform that will not only help you generate quality leads but will also help you increase your revenues by increasing conversions. If you are looking for a platform that has a free plan that allows you to use the drag and drop or multiple CTA that will help in acquiring new clients, this is the right platform to choose. 2. Enhanced Lead Generation And Sales Funnel The platforms strategic approach is based on the goal of enhancing a retail lead base through better tracking and due to enhanced marketing funnels, you can now reach out to a wider audience.

The Future of the Company and Industry

Why ShareASale is the best fit for retailers We have seen a few players like Pandora, Groupon, Lanyrd and others in the market that used to manage their merchant accounts from a central location but now they have gone offline and not active for years. We believe this is due to the major reason that they lack a powerful and a scalable platform like ShareASale. This means that ShareASale is the perfect solution for all online retailers to use for their online marketing efforts in order to boost their sales and improve customer satisfaction. The company has invested heavily in technological advancements to help its merchants increase their performance at a faster pace and improved customer satisfaction.

What to Watch for in the Near Future

Growing to a $40M revenue run rate over the next five years Approving at the beginning of 2019. Managing up to 10K unique profiles per day. Ending 2018 with $11 million in ARR Join Them This company is having a breakout year, surpassing triple the number of customers it had a year ago. The end is near. The strategy will revolve around increasing penetration within the existing customer base, aiming for new marketing solutions for the existing accounts, and a wide reach with an augmented social marketing strategy. The result should be a 7x growth in new customers over the course of the next 3 years. Click here to learn more about their products and gain access to their demo. $0.


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