Google- Xcelserv Employee Reviews

I joined Xcelserv in January 2019 in the IT team. We get numerous perks and incentives that keep motivating us to perform better.

The work distribution management is very efficient in Xcelserv. Our managers ensure that we are not overburdened and there is an equal workload for everyone in the team. It makes us work with ease and comfort.

I have been working in Xcelserv for the last two years in the Finance team. It is a great place to work as one gets the immense scope to learn and grow.

I have been working in the customer care department of Xcelserv since May 2019. The overall work culture is cool and friendly. The management is also very employee-centric.

Xcelserv offers a very stable platform to work. Despite the gloomy employment scenario in the past few months due to the pandemic crisis, we had plenty of new projects and campaigns to handle.

I am an HR professional in Xcelserv. I joined as a fresher last year, and I am glad to be a part of the organization because there is plenty of scopes to learn and grow here. And as a newcomer, this is the best thing I like about this organization.

I joined the Xcelserv finance team in March last year. My work has always been recognized and appreciated by my seniors here. It is the best aspect of working here.

I am happy and contended to be a part of Xcelserv for the last two years. I joined as a fresher in the IT team and since then learned a lot under the guidance of some experienced IT professionals here.

The professional work culture and employee-centric policies are a few of the things which I admire about Xcelserv. Apart from it, we get numerous challenging projects to hone our skills and gain confidence.

The best thing I like about working in Xcelserv is that it offers a great work-life balance. I managed to complete my IT certification while working here without impacting my work. And for this, the credit goes to my supervisor and seniors who supported me in every possible way.

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