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Ganesh Chalisa Lyrics | ANURADHA PAUDWAL | Ganesh Chalisa Video Song

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Ganesh Chalisa Lyrics


Ganesh Chalisa Lyrics:

Jai Ganapati Sadgunasadan, Poet Badan Kripal.
Vigna Haran Mangal Karan, Jai Jai Girijalal.

Jai Jai Jai Ganapati Ganarajumangal Bharan Karan Good Cashew Nuts.
Jai Gajbadan Sadan Sukhdata Vishwa Vinayak Wisdom is the creator.

Curved Tund Shuchi Shund Pleasant Tilak Tripund Bhaal Mind Bhavan.
Rajat Mani Muktan Ur Mala Golden Mukut Shir Nayan Vishala.

Book water ax trident modak bhog fragrant flowers.
Sundar pitambar tan sajit charan paduka muni man rajit.

Dhani Shivsuvan Shadanan brother Gauri Lalan world renowned.
Ridghisiddhi and Chandwar improve the mouse vehicle by Sohat.

Where is the auspicious story of your very pure and auspicious.
Once upon a time, the penance for the son of Giriraj Kumari was heavy.

When the sacrifice is complete, then you reach Djij Rupa.
Guest know that Gauri Sukhari should do many different services for you.

You are very happy that you are the son of mother who has done penance.
Milli son tuhi, buddhi vishala without conception, this is black.

Counting, virtue knowledge, worshiped first, form God.
Asa is the inner form, but it is the child’s form.

Be a child, cry whenever you are more than happy, but not happy.
Gross happiness, Sukhmangal village, Nabha te suran, Suman Varshahi.

Shambhu, Uma, Bahu Dan Lutavahin Sur Munijn. Come to see the thread.
Lord Shani also came to see a lot of joy and Mangal Saaja.

My own demerit guni Shani mind mahi child. Don’t want to see
Girija tortoise, increase your mind, festival peacock na shani tuhi bhayo. .

Where did Shani begin, the mind is sad. Shishu Mohi is not visible
faith Uma ur bhayau Shani son son dekhne kahan kahaan. .

Padatahin, Shani Drug Kon Prakasha Bolak Sir Udi Gayo Akasha. 
Girija giri vikal hai dharani so dukh dasha gayo nahi varni ..

Outcry Machiyo Kailasha Shani Kinho Lakhi Sut was destroyed.
Immediately Garuda climbed Vishnu Sidhayo Kati Chakra and brought Gaj Shir.

Hold life on the torso of the child, recite the mantra Shankar Daryo.
Name Ganesha Shambhu then who is the first worshiped Buddha Nidhi, Van Dinhe.

Buddha test when Shiva’s earth doing circumambulation linha.
Let’s go to Shadanan, you sit down and forget your intellect.

Charan Matupitu’s feet were taken seven rounds of straws. Dhani Ganesh, somewhere in the form of Shivaaye,
 Nabha te suran, Suman Bahu rained down .

Your majesty, intellect, magnificence, the rest could not be sung together.
I am a pointless, filthy misery, which method is your modesty.

Bhajat Ramsundara Prabhudassa Jag Prayag, Kakara.
Darvasa, now give your devotional power to the mercy of the Lord.

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